Intact 2017

Updated Friday June 2, 2017 by BRIAN HILLER.

Intact 2017‚Äč

  • Regular, single games begin at 6 pm. 
  • Double headers may be scheduled by the teams, but only the first game will count in the standings. 
  • Double headers will begin at 5:30 pm.


(N) = North Prep Bemidji 

(S) = South Prep Bemidji

Home team listed last


Monday June 5th

Bagley vs. Walker     


Tuesday, June 6th

Nevis vs. Paul Bunyan (N)

Lions vs. Thunderbird (S)     


Wednesday, June 7th

Paul Bunyan vs. Lions (N)

Thunderbird vs. Walker

Nevis vs. Bagley


Monday, June 12th

Walker vs. Lions (S)

Thunderbird vs. Nevis (5:30 start)

Bagley vs. Paul Bunyan (N)  


Wednesday, June 14th

Walker vs. Nevis       

PBC vs Thunderbird (N)

Lions vs. Bagley


Monday, June 19th

Walker vs. Paul Bunyan (N) 

Thunderbird vs. Bagley

Lions vs. Nevis


Wednesday, June 21st

Paul Bunyan vs. Nevis

Thunderbird vs. Lions (N

Walker vs. Bagley     


Monday, June 26th

Walker vs. Thunderbird (N)

Lions vs. Paul Bunyan   (S)

Bagley vs. Nevis


Wednesday. June 28th

Lions vs. Walker

Nevis vs. Thunderbird (N) (5:30 start)

Paul Bunyan vs. Bagley


Monday, July 10th

Nevis vs. Walker

Thunderbird vs PBC (S)        

Bagley vs Lions (N)


Wednesday. July 12th

Paul Bunyan vs. Walker

Bagley vs Thunderbird (N)

Nevis vs. Lions (S)